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The Definitive List of Male's Best Pizza Joints

It is true what they say; love fades, pizza is forever. Pizza is true love. That rounded, fresh out of the oven, melted cheesy, meaty, aroma filled goodness on a dough. The number one reason the world is eternally grateful to Italy. Ancient civilisations of Greece, Egypt and Middle East might have invented the concept by baking flatbread and adding toppings, but history has it that the modern pizza was moulded in Naples, Italy, in the 18th century. If that is new information to you, you are welcome.

Onwards. As a pizza enthusiast I have always kept a keen eye (and mouth) on the local pizza scene. And after much careful curation I have picked my favourite five pizza places in Male'. Yes, just five, since there are not many that I would consider favourites. So here they are, in order of preference.


Relatively a newcomer but no slouch nonetheless. They have gained a good following quickly, even becoming the go to pizza place for many. For good reason. When I first tried them more than a year ago, I tweeted that they were a force to be reckoned with. It still holds true.

I have not loved every flavour I tried, but they have always been in consideration when ordering pizza the past year. Chicken Supreme is lovely, and Spicy Meat Lover is pretty decent too.


I have to admit I used to have a love hate relationship with them, due to the lack of consistency. They've been doing better lately. And once I discovered their crispy thin crust, I vowed not to go back to pan. That is one fine crust.

Double Pepperoni is a popular choice with its generous pepperoni toppings; the meat options are worthy as well. Their Snowy Choco pizza came as a pleasant surprise as I was at first skeptical about a dessert pizza. Turned out I was wrong. So was everyone who tried it with me. Worth a shot if you haven't already.


The old guard. Always a household name for pizza in Male'. They enjoy a massive following for their flavourful offerings, and for doing social media right. They engage their followers well, especially the Twitter community, throwing in free pizzas now and then. Who does not love free food?

As for their flavours, their Tandoori and Chicken BBQ are top options. So is Four Cheese, with four different types of cheese toppings: mozzarella, parmesan, blue cheese and emmental. That is some cheesy goodness right there.


Taste of Italy burst into the scene with much hype about the authentic Italian experience. Well, as far as pizza is concerned, it is certainly different from any other in town. In a good way. They are not heavy on the toppings but focused on simplicity and high quality ingredients.

Pizza Speciale, with its cream cheese stuffed crust and beef bresaola, is indeed special. So are Stracciatella, 4 Stagioni and Alla Diavola. I have yet to try most of their flavours but it looks like the rest cannot be bad either. A crispier crust would be nice though.


Ah, Mia. Favourite from day one. They proclaim to be the best in Male', and they have every right to. In my humble opinion, that is. And in the humble opinion of many who have humble opinions about pizza. Mia takes the top spot for being consistent with their quality. I cannot say the same about any other on this list.

The special flavour Mia with cured meat, rucola and balsamic cream is their star. I equally love Capricciosa that comes with turkey ham and artichokes. This flavour sure deserves more love. So does the beef counterpart Boscaiola. For those who stay clear of meat, Vegetariana will not disappoint.

There you have it. I know some usual suspects are missing but they did not make the cut simply because of taste and lack of consistency. I am sorry it did not work out between us. We were not meant to be. I hope there comes a time in the future when I am able to appreciate you a little more and accept you the way you are.



All photos have been taken from their respective Facebook business pages.


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