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#KoraliReview - Run’baa Vol.1 by Nuingigun

Nuingigun perform at Fannugedharin.

Nuingigun have finally up and released an album. But before we get too excited, it’s a live album – so those lovely tunes didn’t get the studio treatment they so richly deserve. Nevertheless, it’s a very good listen with the EP peaking at Bodu Dhaalu. Our friend Dethpuhu describes his experience of the track in detail below.

That song is great on many fronts – it is the most unabashedly Dhivehi song on the record – the rhythm is based around a bodu beru beat and Zain paints a decidedly Dhivehi scene with his lyrics. It has a fantastic buildup and explodes into feverish drumming and rapping. We'll let Dethpuhu wrap up this song for you though.

Another standout song is Fikuru – an odd-time track that somehow finds a way to be extremely catchy. Perhaps it ends too swiftly and abruptly but it’s better to end on a high note, right?

We won't say much about Seedhaa - a beautiful and beloved tune that we've written about earlier. It was one of our faves from last year - a charming, disarming number that had and still has us enchanted.

Before we get into Dethpuhu’s vision, let’s put it in context. Dethpuhu is a young visual artist. You can find his work on Instagram @dethpuhu. He sent us a message very late at night and we thought it did justice to the most explosive track on the album.

Dethpuhu’s vision

I went to the kanmathee fihaara tonight around 8 30. Bought a pack of Marlboro. Went behind watersports to roll a joint. Ran into my friend Taka. We had two smokes and went to the bar to grab a drink. I sipped the finest espresso tonic. It was like a cool bitter morning. I did a quick sketch as I sipped my coffee. Taka wanted to go so we went behind watersports to have one last smoke.

Around 10 as I'm scrolling through Instagram I see that Nuingigun released their Run'baa sessions. I've been waiting so long for this. So I start playing it. Taka is vibing to it. We listened to Bodu Dhaalu and Kandumathi. After the smoke around 10:15 we start heading back to accommodation, I called Naf saying I'm going to bed now. I entered my room, this living hell, it's always dark, cuz one of the dudes doesn't want any bright lights. Anyhow, I brushed my teeth, washed my face got on bed, put my headphones on and played Bodu Dhaalu.

The song opens up with the perfect intro, all the instruments one by one, I close my eyes and Zain sings dhan dhaa dhan dhaa dhan dhaaaaa, repeatedly then he sings fenbalaa dhaa magugaa veyo hedhifai kekuri ovey, repeatedly. I start seeing the road, the water and kekuri. As he repeats the lyrics, the enunciation and beat get intense and upbeat creates a sense of danger. And I see the road, water and kekuri all blurred as if I'm running.

Then Zain starts belting the Dhivehi Boduberu song faridhaanugaa mirashu nidhaa, dhekey kahala ey _ dhan dhaa as the beat mellows down and starts picking up again with the drums and Zain starts rapping and screaming at the same time and my legs start twitching, my body stutters like a dying fish, then the songs goes to the outro with Zain singing dhan dhaa dhan dhaa dhan dhaa,  and a beautiful old school raivaru over a screaming guitar solo. I open my eyes and my vision is going up and down, the ceiling is moving, the curtains are rolling and the music mellows out.


Zain told us that he needed to get this out to embark on new projects. Though not as cohesive an album as we’d like – the songs feel more like a compilation than an EP – it is still worthwhile, and Zain, being a lawyer and a dad has put in considerable time and effort to this record along with his bandmates, especially guitarist Affan.

You can listen to Run’baa for free on the Baiskoafu app, so download it now.


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