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I Like Big Burgers and I Cannot Lie

Quick question. Who doesn’t get their taste buds tingling, mouth watering, spine chilling and knees trembling at the thought of some meaty, juicy, cheesy goodness? If you’re one then you need to slap yourself hard. Twice.

​One of my life goals is to be on a perpetual quest to discover the best burgers, be it Maldives or elsewhere. This article is the result of years of painstaking (and delicious) research into the burger scene in Male’. I’ve narrowed it down to ten places, excluding global food chains, that have left a lasting impression on me. They’re in no particular order except the last, which I believe to be the number one in town. So here goes. I’ll keep it short and spicy.


This now-popular coffee joint hit the ground running a few years ago, with a loud and distinctively jazzy bang. Everybody fell in love with their food immediately, including their burgers.

There are many who still consider the Jazz beef burger to be the best in town. I wouldn’t claim so, but it’s something I’ve continued to enjoy for years. Their chicken burger is lovely as well.


Symphony is one of the longest running restaurants in the country that still maintains a reputation for good food. Their burgers are no exception.

The Big B burger is generously sized (hence the name), and has remained one of my top picks since it first launched. The recently discovered crispy chicken burger is just as good, quite possibly even better.


Shell Beans is another long time favourite. Their burgers have always been among the very best in town, as they have managed to consistently preserve its quality.

Three burgers are available on the menu, and they all hold up their own. You can't go wrong with any.


Big Man has been around for more than a year or so now, and has amassed a huge following with their fine burgers, offered in double and even triple patty varieties.

Just a word of caution, their Big Man is fiery! Literally sensationally spicy. If you can handle the heat, then you’re an extraordinary human being. For ordinary folks like me, an alternative such as American style might be a better option.


I’ve tried a few burgers in Hulhumale’, and if I were to pick a favourite, it’d have to be Family Room’s. Or Seaside Grill, their grill division.

Family Room is mostly known for their specialty coffee, so I was initially skeptical when they launched the Flame Grilled Australian. Once the positive reviews started pouring in however, I just had to try it. And suffice to say, it definitely lived up to its name.


The restaurant with good food to match its gorgeous view, has recently become more serious about their burgers. They now offer four options, including a prawn burger which I’ve yet to try.

I can definitely recommend the beef burgers though, as well as the crispy chicken dubbed ‘Angry Bird’. Must be one feisty chicken. One day I’ll succumb to my temptations by putting it in a slingshot and firing it at the next table.


Another reputable restaurant who takes their burgers seriously, albeit with an equally serious price tag. Their burgers set you back close to 200/-. Just like Salt, they currently offer four options, which are some of the finest in town.

If you’d like to go a little fancy, the Somerset Delight pairs together succulent beef, turkey, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, and fried onion rings. Delightful, indeed.


If you don’t mind digging deep into your pocket, and I do mean deep, for the absolute best burger in town, this is it. You’ll cry a little inside when you hand over that 300 bucks, but your misery drives away the moment you take the first bite. It surely is a cut above the rest.

Overpriced, yes. But I wouldn’t hesitate to indulge in it twice a year. Thrice, maybe.

And there you have it. I'll keep trying new places, which might mean a follow-up list in the future. Now tell me, what have I missed? Are you offended that your favourite didn’t make the cut? Shoot.


​Photos have been taken from their respective business Facebook pages. Credit goes to their rightful owners. 

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