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Customized Earrings Can Now Be Yours, Thanks to This Budding Entrepreneur

This week I sat down for a cup of java with friend, and former classmate Insha, of Keveli by Insha. Keveli brings to you a whole new perspective on the word earring, ranging from current pop-culture idée fixes to stunning artwork, and hear this, even your favorite emojis!​​

Korali: So, why Keveli?

Insha: Well, I have this keveli on my wrist, and it’s been about 4 years since I’ve had it. One time, I had to take it off because it needed to be polished, and even though it was for just a couple of days, it felt so odd. As if it was a part of my identity. So my keveli is something I’m really attached to. Plus I really like the word.

Korali: Me too. So how did the whole thing come about?​

Insha: When I see most jewelry around Male’ these days, it’s mostly things like beadwork. That’s not a bad thing, but in my opinion, it speaks more to the older generation. The youth these days, millennials especially, are into things like memes, pokemon, emojis. Eggplants and peaches (laughs). I wanted to create something that the youth would, to a greater degree, relate to.

Korali: That’s interesting, but what about people who want something a little different from the current pop culture and so?

Insha: Before we get to it, do you want to see them? (shows eggplant earring)

Korali: (laughs) You really weren’t kidding! That’s great, you can get a laugh from your accessories.​

Insha: Yes, you can. I’ve been thinking of bringing in something ‘thafaathu’, like different kinds of designs, psychedelia, and even paintings by artists.

Korali: Does that mean there are more things in store to come?​

Insha: I might be collaborating with someone else to make dangly earrings in the future. I’m getting prepared for it. I’m also thinking of making a little something for people who don’t have piercings because I’m getting a lot of requests for magnetic studs, but I think my approach to it would be clip-ons. I think that would be easier, even for your ears. I’ve been meaning to make necklaces too, but it’s hard to get quality chains and that’s something I strive for in my products. My studs are pretty solid, they’re almost unbreakable, I know because I made a friend try to, and he literally couldn’t. (laughs)

Korali: Oh wow, they definitely sound strong. Were there any difficulties you faced while starting?​

Insha: It took me around 6 months to get up and running, mainly because I spent that time searching all over Male’ and Hulhumale’ for material. And they weren’t available so I had to order them which is also tricky since I have to pre-order, which means that I will have to calculate beforehand. Lack of supplies was basically the only issue.​

Korali: Mm, so what’s your vision, if we’re talking long term?

Insha: To bring something new to the market. I think that’s important, originality I mean, in a creative industry such as this. That’s one of the reasons I offer customized earstuds. I’ve made pizza slices, and celebrity faces, and different types of emojis, so you can get exactly what you want. It’s a personalized product, made especially for the customer. To be honest, I want to create a brand that influences people’s tastes and diversifies them.

Korali: It’s so refreshing to see you going after your dreams. Is there anything you’d like to say to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Insha: When I started out, the first thing I did was research, and figuring out what my ultimate goal was. I had setbacks while starting out making the studs, they didn’t come the way I wanted them to. I worked on it until it was up to my standard, so don’t let mistakes discourage you, and do your research. If you have an idea, put it into action, if you don’t, it will remain as just that, an idea, and someone else might have the same one and actually go ahead with it. Sometimes it’s not easy, but it’s definitely a risk worth taking. I mean, if you never try you’ll never know right?

Korali: Absolutely. One last question Insha, how do you take care of a piercing?​

Insha: Oh, it’s very important to keep the area as clean as possible. Don’t touch your piercing after it’s been pierced, especially with dirty hands. I would recommend getting pierced by a needle, since that’s more hygienic, you know that the needle will only get used on you. You can’t say the same about a gun, they can’t clean it after every use. The best treatment I’ve found is a non-iodized sea salt water rinse, it’s not easy to find here, but you can try getting sea salt from places like Fantasy or Seagull Foods.​

Korali: Well then, I think that’s a wrap. Thanks so much for talking to us today.​


​To get your own pair of earrings, head on to Keveli's instagram page here.

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