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Stunning Close Ups of Celestial Bodies and the Textures of Our Cosmos

In late October 1946, mankind celebrated the capture of the very first photograph of our planet; it was taken by a group of American soldiers and scientists who had strapped on a 35mm camera to a V-2 missile, and launched it 65 miles off the Earth’s surface. Ever since then, the visual domain of human space exploration has made tremendous strides forward. The emergence of new imagery has become an every-other-day thing now, to the point where one might almost, sort of feel, well, quite blasé about it.

Fortunately for you, we’re here to remind you otherwise. The following close-up shots of our solar system are as abstract as they are beautiful, some akin to paintings only Van Gogh himself could have conjured up. Compiled from the NASA archives dating back to the 1960s all the way up to present day, these images offer a look into the history of the known universe, through surreal snippets of colour, and isolated fragments in time.


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